Global Clan Alliance Olympics

  • Max. 24 clans


    Global Clan Alliance


    Global Clan Alliance


    This is an invite-only multi-clan global event. Must have good sportsmanship. Sending salt mail will disqualify you. Judges panel will handle match disputes. A referee from each clan is recommended to view the live broadcast. For questions, contact your regional organizer: North America- jade_killshot, South America- Lalsf, Europe- CalamityKey, Asia/Australia- Swol_warrior. Good luck everyone.



    Preliminaries: Citadel Gate

    Quarterfinals: high fort

    Semifinals: temple garden

    Finals: beachhead

    Honorable Elimination

    Quarterfinals: Citadel Gate

    Semifinals: high fort

    Finals: beachhead

    May 15-25 Dominion suggested: 3:30 - 4 PM EST
    gear stats off, feats on, revenge on, gank allowed, single pick on
    May 26-30 Honorable Elimination suggested:10 PM EST
    feats off, gear stats off, boosts off, ganks not allowed, environment allowed, single pick off, revive = off, executions = on
    everyone should fight the opponent the game designates for them instead of going to the center
  • broadcasting is necessary to judge matches as needed. To review and lag disputes.

    If a clan cannot be reached within 30 minutes of the scheduled match, an alternate can be reached to take that clan’s place.


    • 1,000 point per round
    • up to semi finals: best of 3 rounds. Finals: Bo5
    • light lag is allowed
    • If someone completely lags out both clans are under 300 points, you can start over once with that player or replace with a new player. Opposing team can sub-out a character if the others team sub is a different character. If either team passes 300 points and there’s a complete lag out, you must play through.
    • If it complete lag happens a second time, you have to carry on.
    • each team gets 1 lag-out redo and restart. Then you must carry on.

    honorable elimination

    • up to semi finals best out of 5 rounds. Finals Bo9
    • If there is lag during a 1v1, the player must announce, and referees can review the severity of that lag if any at all.
    • If there is a lag out, the round will restart, limit 3 attempts. During the 3 attempts, the player can sub-in a new player who doesn’t lag. If the sub is a different character, the opposing team may switch to a new character too. If after 3 tries, there is a full lag out, you must play through.
    • If the other team suffers full lag out, same rules apply.
    • each team gets 3 lag-out redos and restarts .Then you must carry on.
    • If someone accidentally gets hit/ganked in elimination, the player hit can hit the attacker back. Any blatant ganking will disqualify that team.
  • Clan Organizer Leader Co-Leader Stream
    Lawless Heaven YoungKenshinX YoungKenshinX
    The Outlaw LaLsF Cabalo_imundo Youtube - Clã Sem Lei
    The Pirates LaLsF Luccas_ Youtube - Los Piratos
    Gods of Honor LaLsF Kilisfreitas
    Tophat LaLsF Kahazhad
    The Brotherhood
    PrkChpprsGft PrkChpprsGft mythic deity (?) Youtube
    PGA Dokuso Swol_warrior conrad_koni
    PGA Pacific Warriors
    Swol_warrior Swol_warrior
    Kensei Wave
    Redspirit WizdomThaGreat
    Raging Demon
    RizzlyBera RizzlyBera
    Vikings of Valhalla
    MaxPainKill Ace08270
    Gods of Destruction
    killshot_1998 Bigqdogg-56
    Black Rose Legion
    black_widow2383 black_widow2383
    Rome Reborn
    snake_reed Zopharr Zopharr
    Debonair Warriors
    jade_killshot jade_killshot Youtube
    Shinogami Freaks_nd_G33kS Freaks_nd_G33kS
    NWO glenntinkin & TheTenderSquid
    glenntinkin & TheTenderSquid
    Pixelated Hercules HerculesZeus1996 & Pixelated_Myth
    ASB Gaming Nemesis CalamityKey Calamitykey
    ASB Gaming Black Phantom CalamityKey elpicaflor92
    ASB Gaming Empire CalamityKey Calamitykey
    ASB Gaming Trinity CalamityKey Calamitykey
    Burning Fist Clan ARCHANGEL3D VexusDecay
    Black Lotus (Alternate) REDSP1R1T REDSP1R1T
    Disciples of Asgard (Alternate) XxBunnykiillerXx DeathAnimal
    girl squad (Alternate) jade_killshot
    Salt Kings (Alternate) Sifunate97
    Black Owls Alucard_guy Alucard_guy
    Nova Esports
    xXLPSXx1999 Schofbauer
  • Dominion shedule:

    1. Black Rose Legion vs. The Pirates: Tuesday, May 17th, 8pm EST
    2. House of Okami vs. Tophat: Friday May 18th 10pm EST
    3. ASB Gaming Nemesis vs. The Outlaw: Saturday, May 19th, 2-2:30pm EST
    4. Lawless Heaven vs. God of Honor: Saturday, May 19th, 9pm EST
    5. ASB Gaming Empire vs. Pixelated Hercules: Saturday, May 19th, 9-9:30am EST
    6. The Brotherhood vs. Raging Demons: Saturday, May 19th, 3-3:30pm EST
    7. ASB Gaming Black Phantom vs. PGA Pacific Warriors: Saturday, May 19th, 10-10:30 am EST
    8. Salt Kings vs. Black Lotus: Saturday, May 19th, 1-1:30 EST
  • Honorable Elimination Shedule:

    1. Shinogami vs. PGA Dokuso: Saturnday, May 26th, 10-10:30pm EST
    2. Rome Reborn vs Kensei Wave: Saturday, May 28th, 11-11:30pm EST
    3. Debonair Warriors vs. Burning Fist: Saturday, May 26th, 8-8:30pm EST
    4. Gods of Destruction vs. Vikings of Valhalla: Saturday, May 26th, 9-9:30pm EST
  • Alternate clans in order:


    1. Salt Kings
    2. Black Lotus
    3. PS4 Girl Squad
    4. Disciples of Asgard
    5. Black Owls
    6. Disciples of Ares
    7. Nova Esports


    1. PS4 Girl Squad
    2. Black Owls
    3. Disciples of Ares
    4. Nova Esports
    5. House of Okami
    6. NWO