Streaming Partner 8

Username Twitch Name Partner since Follower Stream Title Game Last Stream
testuser LightBoogey Mar 8th 2018 3,718 [PS4] Maybe the servers will work For Honor
testuser Eriks_UNDERWORLD May 22nd 2018 26 For Honor For Honor
Cupix STLCupix Apr 22nd 2018 434 Teste Voltigter duel For Honor
testuser seanbalik May 22nd 2018 235 (PS4) REP 342 | big scrims For Honor
testuser ghostelite26 Apr 22nd 2018 31 Jump force! JUMP FORCE
testuser Teller_4K May 22nd 2018 57 Pups For Honor
testuser teppichvomlaster May 22nd 2018 55 Duelle mit Nova Esports Nova I D_R_A_K_A_N For Honor
testuser obi__wan_shugoki May 22nd 2018 15 Fortnite duos with WeeMentalDaaz Fortnite Unknown